Jun 10, 2008

: rick price - heaven knows

kumpulan lyrics lagu barat asli made indonesia at http://ekhan-gitaris.blogspot.com, juga ada tutorial berlatih melodi gitar lohhh,..

rick price | heaven knows

She's always on my mind,

from the time i wake up

'till i close my eyes

she's everywhere i go

she's all i know

'Though she's so far away

it's just keeps getting stronger

every day

and even now she's gone

i'm still holding on

So tell me where do i start

'cause it's breaking my heart

don't wanna let her go


Maybe my love will come back some day

only heaven knows

and maybe our hearts will find their way

only heaven knows

and all i can do is hope and pray

'cause heaven knows

My friends keep telling me

that if you really love her

you've gotta set her free

and if she returns in kind

i'll know she's mine

So tell me where do i start

'cause it's breaking my heart

don't wanna let her go


Why i live in despair

'cause while awake or dreaming

i know she's never there

and all these time i act so brave

i'm shaking inside

why does it hurt me so...


heaven knows...
untuk sementara belum ada chord gitarnya... silahkan postingan selanjutnya..terimakasih

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